Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you so much for the encouragement you have given me and the confidence you have placed in me during the past nine years. I consider working as your principal a pleasure and a privilege. Every day is an adventure, and I continue to consider myself a “work in progress.”

We are very fortunate to have the wonderful staff and teachers that are committed to doing their best everyday to ensure that your children receive the best education possible in a safe and caring environment.

You can be certain that I have foremost in my mind the welfare of each and every student at Doyle Elementary School.  In addition to that, I fully understand how difficult it is to be a dedicated teacher. Twenty-three years in the classroom taught me that.

Besides that I shall never forget the joy parents feel as their young ones achieve, mature, and succeed.  Nor will I forget the pain of their stumbles and falls along the way.

So again this school year, I offer you and our students my years as a teacher in the classroom, more years as a parent, and a willingness to do what we can together to ensure that your child has every opportunity to take advantage of the possibilities that lie ahead in elementary school. Be certain we will continue to make our school the friendly and inviting place that                                                                                                               always has our students' best interest at heart.

Again this year, I would like to challenge you as parents and care-givers to commit to something that we as educators believe is vitally important to your child's education and future. Please commit to read to and with your child at least twenty minutes every day.  Read to the little ones at home, and read to your school age children, as well.  It is our commitment that all children will learn to read. We need your help and support!

Mrs. Brenda Knox